Green Corridor Portal

About us

Our basis of knowledge on how to meet the challenges of sustainable transport logistics has never been better; still we are unable to join forces and skills to truly move in this direction. Relevant knowledge is scattered. We tend to reinvent the wheel and we lack cumulative ability for true progress. Therefore we believe there is a need for a mutual knowledge platform where we create cooperative progress in a long-term perspective. The TEN-T-funded project SWIFTLY Green project has established a platform and is now launching the Green Corridor Portal.

Throughout the years, the European Commission, together with national initiatives and company driven projects have been carried out, aiming towards more sustainable transport logistics. For sure, there has been some progress, but we see a major lack in all these projects – a common cumulative learning ability. We need to be better at not inventing the wheel over and over again and to adopt good solutions. Therefore the project SWIFTLY Green decided to launch a neutral fact and result platform. The platform is named Green Corridor Portal where aim to include results from all relevant projects and pilots that we have come across. The project ends in December 31, 2015 which means the portal will need to find its own funding to survive after this date.

The aim is to

supports common learning through dissemination of findings in existing and coming projects

provides insight and contacts to successful solutions for further implementation

initiates new improvement measures

provides access to relevant tools and data for measurement of progress

evaluate relevant information through well specified criteria´s

Last update: 03/02/2016