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Benchmarking of the Core Network Corridors

Another type of need for KPI´s are when benchmarking different corridors where there is a need to make this in a uniform way. The above presented success pillars are however still relevant.

At present there is a process going on to develop a set of criteria for benchmarking the nine core network corridors. The proposal is to apply a set of generic KPIs for all corridors. The generic KPIs describe mainly the infrastructure (enabling) and a selection of demand (operational) KPIs. Optional is inclusion of socio-economic background information to be collected at regional level. The aim is to make the KPIs common among the corridors hence facilitate cross-corridor comparison. In addition each corridor can add specific KPIs, leaving flexibility to each corridor adapt to their unique characteristics and thereby contribute to the evolution of each specific corridor. This work is in line with suggested KPI´s, however including a larger number of KPI´s but for fewer stakeholders.

In line with the Terms of Reference, the KPIs should be:

  • Based on the existing EU strategic framework;
  • Quantifiable;
  • Available from public statistical sources;
  • Capable of being aggregated to corridor level;
  • Relevant for the assessment of a corridor’s performance.

Making use of the SWIFTLY Green gross list of KPI´s in order to support the Core Network Corridor coordinators we tentatively suggest below indicators for benchmarking corridors.


SWIFTLY Green KPI’s for benchmarking corridors

Last update: 16/02/2016