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Green corridors as test sites of redefining transport techniques

The present very efficient goods transport system is fully based on standards that enable goods and the supporting information flows to be seamlessly relayed the next part in a transport chain. This rationale of standards is the reason why introduction and market penetration of new and redefining transport technology is difficult. Therefore success normally needsĀ alignment with present solutions or full scale implementation. Looking back in history there is a number of examples in the transport industry where alignment or full scale implementation was the precondition of success. The electrification of the railway system and the cargo container system are two successful examples.

To facilitate change in order to transform the present fossil fuel based transport system into a new fossil free system that fulfil customer needs of reliability, frequency, lead times etc. requires a basic understanding of the above mentioned prerequisites of change. In this context, transport corridors could potentially serve as incubators of this threshold for change as well as boosting market adoption.

At present the electrification of transport is a general interesting solution in reducing dependency of fossil resources, if the electric generation can be based on renewable sources. In this context the electrification of highways is a promising solution as it enables heavy truck to use electric propulsion on the long haul transport and still reach shipper and consignee by using the combustion engine for pick-up and delivery, i.e. fulfil customer requirements within general transport standards. Recently the first test of electrified highway was launched in Sweden on the E16. If this or other similar technical solutions prove its ability a next step could be implementation on a TEN-T transport corridor.

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Last update: 04/07/2016